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Online Home User Guide

by on Wednesday 22 October, 2014 in Homeowner advice,Moving Homes,New Homes

NHBC Home User Guide (also known as NHBC HUG) is a unique online service, designed to take some of the stress out of buying, moving into and running a new home.

Accessible from a computer or tablet, it’s a secure place where you can access all the information you need about your new property.

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NHBC HUG can help you with all this…

New to the area?

NHBC HUG is packed with information about your development and the local area including the details of your local council and utilities providers.

Not sure how to programme your boiler?

All the operating manuals for the appliances and boiler in your new home are available on NHBC HUG. You can also upload manuals for new equipment that you buy. No more turning out drawers hunting for instructions!

Planning some DIY or future home improvements?

You’ll find “How to” guides for some simple DIY tasks as well as detailed floor plans for your new home, really handy if you’re planning an extension in the future. Your builder will also provide details of the materials used in the build, from the type of bricks to details of the tiles and paints used inside

Keep in touch with your builder

Your builder’s after-sales team details will be provided on your NHBC HUG so you’ll know who to contact if a problem arises.

Your new home warranty

Full details of the 10 year NHBC Buildmark warranty are available as well as contact details for our Customer Services team.

Regular maintenance reminders

NHBC HUG will send you periodic reminders for things like servicing your boiler or watering-in new turf. You can input your own key dates too such as when your building and contents policies are up for renewal.

Ask your builder for a HUG!

Not literally of course… but if you’re interested in this service, please ask your Builder if HUG’s available on your development or send us an email to and we’ll find out for you.


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