Planting trees in a new build development

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Planting trees in a new build development

by on Monday 20 April, 2015 in Homeowner advice,Moving Homes,New Homes

If you’ve just moved into a new-build development and are a keen gardener, you’ll be wanting to start adding colour and texture to your outdoor spaces.  And it’s a popular time for planting trees and shrubs ready for those lazy days in the garden enjoying a bit of alfresco dining.

Here are some tips to avoid potential problems caused by new planting

Check your soil type

Clay soil: In areas where there is clay soil, new planting may remove the water from the clay, producing shrinkage. This shrinkage may result in movement of foundations and the walls which they support. Conversely, removing existing trees and shrubs may make the clay soil swell. Excessive swelling can also damage foundations. Much will depend on the type, size and location of the trees and shrubs and the type of clay. If in doubt obtain advice from an expert before planting new trees and shrubs or if a large tree dies or has been severely pruned.

On clay soils, it is best to plant shrubs such as pyracantha, cotoneaster, ivy, Virginia creeper and wisteria more than 3m from your home.

Other soil types: Always allow enough room for trunks and large roots to grow safely and be particularly careful when planting near walls or drains.

Planting or pruning trees

  • Check the mature height of your chosen trees to ensure you plant them a suitable distance away from your home.
  • In most cases you should plant the tree at least three quarters of the mature tree height away.
  • High water demand trees should be planted at least one and a quarter times their mature height away.
  • Before cutting down or pruning a mature tree, check with your local authority – it may be protected.
  • Be careful not to plant trees near your neighbour’s house – you could be liable for any damage caused.
  • Regular pruning of fast growing, thirsty trees will help to reduce the amount of water taken from the soil.



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