Countrywide reacts to the Budget planning announcements

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Countrywide reacts to the Budget planning announcements

by on Thursday 16 July, 2015 in Industry News,New Homes

The current UK housing shortage was once again highlighted in George Osborne’s budget last week. The planning system was a standout feature in which planning for brown field development was relaxed, making it easier for developers to start redeveloping brown field sites. The time in which local councils respond to planning applications was also addressed, with the government deciding to centralise the planning applications in jurisdictions that were seen to be not working to an acceptable pace.

Reflecting on the Government’s announcement about planning reforms Alison Platt, Chief Executive Officer, Countrywide plc, said:

“We welcome the Chancellor’s proposals to grant automatic planning permission for brownfield sites. Areas which join existing development sites or disused premises, for example, present an excellent opportunity to build more new homes.

“We would like to see the Government go further in order to effectively readdress the current chronic shortage of supply of housing by considering the use of other sites. Land which is allocated for long-term employment development presents a big opportunity for Local Authorities. In some areas, these large allocated sites could provide sustainable new residential homes.

“Further still, we would encourage a review of certain Greenfield sites in order to protect the important parts of our countryside whilst freeing up more appropriate land for development. For example, a review of the city fringe or areas with no accessibility or amenity value would serve to add a significant and sustainable number of homes close to where people work.”

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