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Homes through the decades

by on Thursday 2 April, 2015 in Industry News

A fascinating new report ‘Homes through the decades’ launched by the NHBC Foundation, charts the history of the modern home from Victorian times to the digital age.

The making of the modern home

The report examines the political and social drivers as well as the technological changes that have shaped the modern home and the way we live today. Evocative images and informative charts help to tell the story of key periods in our housing history. We are reminded of the crucial events and inspirational people who struggled with the pressures and limitations of their time to deliver our unique housing heritage.

We also discover how people living in modern homes today have greater protection than previous generations through the introduction of Building Regulations, comprehensive building standards and warranties.

A journey through time

The Report starts in the mid 1800’s, when public health was high on the social and political agenda and private renting was the norm. We are then taken through a journey that sees the evolution of better homes for workers and the 20th century emergence of social housing and private ownership. Against the backdrop of two world wars, the focus in British housing was to eliminate slums and provide good quality homes in sufficient numbers for the growing population and changes in household demographics.

Having arrived in the 21st Century, we witness an ongoing effort to improve the standard of homes in response to sustainability targets, energy efficiency and to meet modern lifestyle expectations.

The future

With a rise in single occupancy, increasing single parent households and improvements in living standards increasing longevity, questions are also asked about what our homes might look like in the future. How much further will sustainability targets be pushed in housing design, and will the ‘interconnected home’ via smart phones and tablets become a standard feature of homes in the future?

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