New homes noise complaints down

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New homes noise complaints down

by on Wednesday 8 October, 2014 in Industry News,New Homes

The NHBC Foundation has reported an encouraging drop in new homes noise complaints. A survey of the the owners of new attached homes shows a reduction in noise complaints  following the introduction of tough new building regulations on sound in 2003.

The NHBC Foundation report Sound Progress: a review of homeowner feedback on noise in new homes looked at feedback to NHBC from owners of new homes built since the introduction of the new standards to see whether the changes have led to a reduction in concerns.

The main finding is a significant reduction in noise-related concerns from the owners of new attached homes since 2004:

  • For attached homes first occupied in 2004, about 7 households per 1000 contacted NHBC about noise problems. For homes first occupied in 2010, this was down to 4 per 1000.
  • Since 2004, there were progressively fewer concerns related to sound transmitted through the structure from adjoining homes.

The research also looked at noise issues raised by the owners of new detached homes and discovered that these owners were more likely to contact NHBC in relation to noise issues than those living in attached homes, with creaking floors being the most common problem highlighted.

See the research report for more information.


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