North West and Merseyside show highest new homes growth

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North West and Merseyside show highest new homes growth

by on Monday 3 August, 2015 in Industry News,New Homes

According to the latest quarterly figures from NHBC, more than 41,000 new homes were registered to be built in the UK during the last three months – an increase of 12% on the same period in 2014.

In total, 41,268 new homes (30,462 private sector; 10,806 public sector) were registered, compared to 36,986 (27,388 private sector; 9,598 public sector) registered during Q2 last year.

North West and Merseyside show highest new homes growth

The figures show that northern regions are helping to power growth in the new housing sector with the North West and Merseyside reporting a massive 74% increase in new homes registered in the rolling quarter from April to June 2015 – up from 2,243 last year to 3,911.

And, whilst continuing to drive new housing growth in terms of volume, London and the South East saw a slight drop in their quarterly figures – 2% drop in the numbers of new homes registered in the capital over the rolling quarter and a 16% drop in the South East.

NHBC Q2 2015 Regional Stats


Public Sector signs of revival

The public sector is also showing encouraging signs of a revival with a 13% increase in affordable homes registered in the whole of the UK over the last three months from 9,598 in Q2 2014 to 10,806 in Q2 2015.

 NHBC Stats Q2 2015 Public/Private Split

Commenting on the latest registration statistics, NHBC Chief Executive Mike Quinton said:

“Our figures show that 2015 is shaping up to be an encouraging year for new housing growth with new housing registrations up 12 per cent on the second quarter of last year.

“However, we have made clear that while all signs of growth are to be welcomed, the UK is still building way below the volumes of homes that we need. There is a long way to go before our housing crisis is over.”


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