Moving with your cat

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Moving with your cat

by on Saturday 26 July, 2014 in Moving Homes

Is your cat acting strangely in your new home?

Moving home can be stressful for all concerned. Whilst you may be focussing on getting unpacked and making sure your children are settled, your cat may be struggling to come to terms with their new environment too.

Cats love stability so, for some, moving house can be really unsettling and you may notice some unusual behaviour in the early weeks!.

Pets4Homes have a list of things to watch out for and some tips to help your cat get settled…

Familiar smells may help

Make sure you have lots of familiar smells around your new home and in the garden. If you brought any outdoor pot plants from your old home, then make sure these are placed close to outside doors. If your cat escapes before you really want to let them out, they will smell familiar things around the outside of your home and will help get them back inside where they’ll be safe again.

The need for reassurance

If you find your cat is desperate to rub their faces up against yours and all over everything they come across when they are settling in to your new home, this is because cats have scent glands which are found in their cheeks. Cats like to scent their domain, it makes them feel secure when they mark their territory.

Kneading your lap

You may also find that your cat suddenly likes to sit on your lap and knead you as a way of looking for comfort and reassurance from you.

Wanting food more often

A cat arriving in a new environment, may ask for more than the usual amount of food and they may do this more often than usual – again this is just a cats’ way of asking for reassurance from their owners. You can leave a bowl of dried food down at all times so your cat can keep going back to it when they feel they need to.

Keep your cat indoors for a few weeks

It is never a good idea to let your cat out as soon as you move into your new home. They need time to settle and feel comfortable in their new environment. They won’t enjoy being kept in but it’s a good idea to do so until they’re familiar with their new surroundings.

Using a litter tray again

If you’re keeping your cat indoors for a while you’ll need to reintroduce their litter tray so be prepared! Your cat may not like this and you may find that they “do their business” in some strange and hard to find places. They’ll need lots of affection and attention to keep them calm and reassured until they feel secure to use the litter tray.

Scratching the carpet

Some cats may start to tear things up, especially carpets if they can’t open a door. Using some strips of tape on your carpets may help, especially if it’s double-sided tape because cats hate anything sticky.

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