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New home snagging checklist

by on Thursday 26 June, 2014 in Moving Homes

NHBC recommends that anyone who buys a new home should check it before and after they move in, just in case there are some “snagging” items still to be fixed.

If there are items you’re not satisfied with, you should notify your builder as soon as possible. It’s important to keep dated notes of all meetings or telephone conversations as well as copies of any correspondence.

We advise you to check both the outside and inside of your new home. This handy new home snagging checklist will help…

Checking the outside


  • Is the brickwork clean and free from major chips and mortar splashes?
  • Is the mortar evenly finished and of a consistent colour?

External paintwork

  • Has a top coat been applied to all painted surfaces; and is the finish to a satisfactory standard?
  • Have the window sills been finished off, including exposed undersides of the sill?

External pipes/outside drainage

  • Do the downpipes and guttering appear secure?
  • Are there any visible leaks or blockages from leaves and other debris?
  • Are manhole covers level with the surrounding surfaces – and do they fit properly?


  • Do garage doors open and shut properly?
  • Has debris and builders’ rubbish been removed from inside the garage?

Drives and pathways

  • Are drives and pathways complete?
  • Are the surfaces even?
  • Does the gradient and access of the drive/path allow for clear access?


  • Has debris and builders’ rubbish been removed?
  • Where specified, has landscaping of the garden been carried out?

Walls, fences and gates

  • Are boundary walls complete?
  • Are fences secure?
  • Are outside gates in working order?

The roof

  • Do any of the tiles look cracked or loose?


Checking inside

Ceilings, walls and wall tiles

  • Is the surface of the plasterwork even and free from rough patches – particularly in corners and high areas?
  • Has the plasterwork been neatly finished off around pipes, light switches, electric sockets etc.?
  • Is all paintwork or decorative finish complete and free from blemishes?
  • Do any joints show through?
  • Is there any surface cracking?
  • Is the grouting finished neatly between the tiles, and the tiles left clean?


  • Has all paintwork been finished off, including undersides of sills?
  • Is the framework free from damage?
  • Is the glazing free from scratches, paint splashes and cracks?
  • Do windows open and shut properly – and if locks are provided, are there keys for each window?

Doors and frames

  • Do locks and bolts engage properly?
  • Is there a wide angle view of the immediate area outside the front door, or a security peep hole fitted?
  • Do doors open and shut properly?
  • Is the paintwork complete, including hidden surfaces such as the top of the doorframe?
  • Is there an even gap between doors and frames?


  • Are banisters and handrails fixed securely?
  • Are the treads even and level?

Floors and skirting boards

  • Is any floor tiling complete, especially around cupboards, fittings and doorways?
  • Is any sheet flooring flat and free from curling edges and bubbling?
  • Are the floors generally clean?
  • Is the skirting woodwork and paintwork undamaged and free from defects?

Pipes, radiators and fireplaces

  • Do pipes appear secure?
  • Are radiators fixed to the wall properly, and are there any signs of leaks?
  • Are the radiators painted?
  • Is the fireplace surround clean and undamaged?

Kitchens and bathrooms

  • Are all sanitary fittings undamaged and clean?
  • Are labels removed – except for specific instructions?
  • Is the bath panel fitted?
  • Does the toilet flush and refill properly?
  • Are all kitchen units and worktops free from damage?
  • Are units, particularly wall units, fixed adequately and free from paint splashes?
  • Are the doors of cupboards hung correctly?
  • Do all doors and drawers open correctly?
  • Check under the sink for possible leaks?


  • Are all appliances undamaged?
  • Have operating instructions and relevant guarantees been provided?
  • Are any extractor fans fitted correctly and in working order?

Loft space

  • Is the loft insulated?
  • Are water pipes and tanks insulated?
  • Is gangway boarding to tanks provided and fixed adequately?

Remember, most roof spaces have to be ventilated.







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