Reasons to love your new build home

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Reasons to love your new build home

by on Monday 29 September, 2014 in New Homes

In a survey conducted earlier this year*, owners of new build homes revealed that design is the top reason why they love their new homes, closely followed by location and space.

The research found that over a fifth of people fell in love with the design and layout of their new home. A slightly smaller number said they were most attracted by the location and 17% said they loved the space that their new houses gave them.

Other popular answers were that new homes are energy efficient as well as being warm and cosy and this is backed by previous research from the NHBC Foundation that showed that families who live in new build homes built to 2013 standards could save more than £1,400 a year on their energy bills.

The top 10 reasons people gave for loving their new home are:

  1. Design and layout / look & feel
  2. Location
  3. Size and space
  4. Kitchen
  5. It’s new
  6. Cosy and warm
  7. Energy efficiency
  8. Maintenance-free/No DIY
  9. Garden
  10. Quality of home

*Survey of over 1000 new home owners conducted by NHBC after 9 months in their new home


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