NHBC HUG helps homeowners enjoy their new home

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NHBC HUG helps homeowners enjoy their new home

by on Monday 11 July, 2016 in New Homes

When Stephen and Jill Russell moved to a new home, their free, online NHBC HUG (Home User Guide) helped them settle in.

The Russells started using their secure online NHBC HUG before they moved in, acknowledging their Buildmark warranty and insurance policy and keeping on top of the steady stream of paperwork that moving brings.

Easy to find

“Having a HUG for our home has been so helpful,” says Stephen. “It’s a central place to keep our house details and everything’s really easy to find.”

NHBC has developed the secure online HUG system to help homeowners, giving them a place to store manuals for white goods and information about fixtures, fittings and finishes. It helps people find what they need, when they need it, on their phones, tablets or computers.

Simple and intuitive

The system contains lots of information about buying, running and living in a new home and it’s intuitive to use. HUG also has trustworthy information from NHBC Foundation about getting the best from the technology that’s integrated into new homes. Homeowners can also use it to set up automatic reminders, so they never forget when they need to get the central heating, or even the lawn mower, serviced.

“Paper gets filed away and doesn’t see the light of day for months, sometimes you can’t find what you need and when you do find it it’s long-since out-of-date,” observes Stephen. “It’s great to be able to manage all the manuals and information online where they can be kept up-to-date and don’t take up space.”

Store details efficiently

HUG gives homeowners the information they want in a way that they want it.

“We didn’t get a printed welcome pack, but we really don’t miss it,” says Stephen. “We registered with HUG before we moved in and acknowledged our Buildmark policy and read it so that we understood how it worked and what we were covered for, which even included our deposit.

“We used our HUG to store a lot of other useful information about our new home, check the paint colours that we’d chosen and get some swatches made up so that we could get matching covers for our sofas really easily.”


NHBC HUG is a free, secure online portal where builders and homeowners can store and manage up-to-date information about new build sites and homes.

For builders, it helps reduce administration time and improve consistency across teams. For homeowners, it’s an easy to access online logbook about their home, for storage of appliance manuals, information about materials and finishes, and details of their Buildmark warranty and insurance policy that protects the home. We’ve designed HUG to help builders and homeowners seamlessly share information and communicate efficiently.

Find out more about NHBC HUG

If you are in the process of finding, reserving or buying your new home with an NHBC registered builder, you can ask them about getting a free HUG. More details are also available on the NHBC website here



We would like to thank Mr & Mrs Russell for their help in putting this case study together. They did not receive any remuneration for their participation.

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