New housing need and delivery consultation

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New housing need and delivery consultation

by on Friday 15 September, 2017 in Industry News,New Homes

The Government has launched a new consultation on proposals to reform the planning system with the aim to increase both the supply of new homes and the capacity of local authorities to manage growth.

The plan is to bring in a new way of assessing where new homes are most needed and ensuring they are built in that area. The Government intends that it will help give a more realistic picture of how many homes each local area needs and that more homes are built in areas where homes are unaffordable.

Proposals in the consultation include: 

•   a standard method for calculating local authorities’ housing need

•   how neighbourhood planning groups can have greater certainty on the level of housing need to plan for

•   a statement of common ground to improve how local authorities work together to meet housing and other needs across boundaries

•   making the use of viability assessments simpler, quicker and more transparent

•   increased planning application fees in those areas where local planning authorities are delivering the homes their communities need

Communities secretary Sajid Javid said:

“The simple truth is that for far too long we haven’t built enough homes and we don’t build them quickly enough.

“It’s time to fix that. This new approach will cut the unnecessarily complex and lengthy debates that can delay housebuilding. It will make sure we have a clear and realistic assessment of how many new homes are needed, and ensure local communities have a voice in deciding where they go.”

The consultation is available on the DCLG website here and runs until 9 November 2017. 



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