NHBC HUG now includes modern technology guides

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NHBC HUG now includes modern technology guides

by on Thursday 26 May, 2016 in New Homes

Research from the NHBC Foundation has shown that on average new homes in the UK are twice as energy efficient as improved Victorian equivalents. For homeowners, this means that their homes have a far lower ongoing environmental impact than their predecessors and are significantly cheaper to run.

To keep modern ventilation, heating and energy systems working efficiently and providing the most benefit for the house, homeowners sometimes need a simple explanation about what the technology does, how it works, what they can do to keep it working efficiently and how often they should contact an expert to keep it running at its best.

This can be daunting, particularly when faced with unfamiliar technology and sometimes baffling instruction manuals that assume a basic level of knowledge.

To make sure that homeowners have the information they need in a format that they can use, the NHBC Foundation has published Home Comforts; Guidance on using ventilation, heating and renewable energy systems, a practical, easy-to-understand guide to the operation and maintenance of ventilation systems, solar energy systems, heat pumps and heating controls.

The guidance explains in simple, plain-English terms what each system does, how it works, what the main benefits are and the steps that a homeowner can take to make sure that their technology runs smoothly.

Using HUG to make it easy to find

The information contained in the report has been incorporated in NHBC’s Home User Guide (HUG), a secure online portal that is issued to new homeowners.

With the addition of the Home Comforts guide, a HUG now contains information about Buildmark warranty and insurance, furnishings and white goods, and a full suite of information about keeping the house in the best possible condition. Information like this can make new home buyers’ lives easier on a day to day basis, reduce the risk of incurring costly repair bills and have an influence on how easy it is to sell the home if they decide to move on.

Homeowners can also set up alerts for themselves in HUG so they can receive an automatic email reminder when they need to carry out maintenance on their home, such as a three-monthly check on the filters on a mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system or a prompt to get a qualified specialist in to carry out a five-year service on their solar panels.

Toby Phillips, NHBC Operations Manager says:

“Carrying out basic maintenance on these new technologies doesn’t mean rolling up your sleeves and getting the toolbox out of the garage. For anything in depth we would always recommend calling one of the experts that are listed on HUG, but there are some simple things that homeowners can do to keep their systems running smoothly.”

Often it’s as simple as rinsing out a filter every few months or checking that there aren’t any leaves stuck in an air inlet. We all know the value of doing basic maintenance checks on our cars, our new guidance makes it easier for homeowners to take the same approach to their homes. And because the information is published in a HUG, homeowners can be sure that they are receiving advice from a reliable source and they can find it easily.”

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