The kitchen is the heart of new homes

Kitchen is heart of new homes

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The kitchen is the heart of new homes

by on Monday 16 February, 2015 in New Homes

Britain has become a nation of kitchen-lovers with twice as many people saying they ‘love’ their kitchens than love their bedrooms.

Despite the recent hype surrounding the release of the new ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ film, new research by NHBC of over 2,500 homeowners found that nearly one in ten (216) said the feature they loved most about their new-build home was the kitchen, compared to just 95 people who cited the bedroom.

The survey, released on Valentine’s Day, revealed the top ten features that people love most about new build homes. Design and location topped the list followed by size and space, and the benefit of having a ‘blank canvas’ to personalise.

The kitchen made it into 5th place, while the bedroom was in 7th spot. The top reasons given by homeowners for why the love their kitchens include spending time with their family, socialising and cooking.

Mike Quinton, Chief Executive of NHBC, said: “With Valentine’s Day approaching it seemed appropriate to find out what people love most about living in new-build homes.

“This survey shows the design, through to quality, space, and even energy efficiency high up the list of reasons for loving a brand new home. Most interestingly, it shows the popularity of the kitchen, once one of the lowliest rooms in the house, which has transformed into perhaps the most important room in the house – a place to cook, eat, drink, work, and entertain.

“With more choice in the housing market now than ever, new homes are ticking most of the boxes for the things that buyers want – like space and design – when considering their next move.”


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